We love what we do, but don't just take our word for it.
Here are a few testimonials from people just like you.

"My ex-husband owned the vehicle I had been driving and he stopped making payments on it so it was repossessed. As a newly single mom with two kids it was hard to find an affordable car with my part-time job and also continue to home school my children. Because I was able to get an affordable car and keep my part-time job I was able to continue homeschooling my children and co-found a home school co-op because I wasn’t making a monthly car payment. I was also able to “Pay it forward” later on by handing down a car to my brother who was able to work more hours with reliable transportation.  Our girls have always named our vehicles and so when we got this car from E-Z Auto the girls named it “Jeff” after Jeff who had given us the car."  

Laura - Mother, guitarist, dragon tamer & home school teacher.

"I am a disabled combat veteran who served two tours and I own a nonprofit organization so I didn’t have a lot of money for a new vehicle. It was a necessity that I own a vehicle to be able to transport dogs to combat veterans. One day I got a phone call and found out that a man named Jeff from E-Z Auto in Joliet was going to donate a van to our organization and he presented us with a 2009 Kia, Sadona, and since we have received the vehicle we have put 21,000 miles on.
It has never once broken down on us and it has helped us transport 18 service dogs to veterans across the country, let alone over 36 dogs for adoption, numerous veterans to various appointments as well as served as the vehicle that has gotten me through my day to day." 

CT the Dog & Joe Trainer- the founder of 1pet1vet

"I had the brilliant idea of purchasing a car off of Craigslist, the car cost me every dime I saved and it died within a few months. I had no money. No car to get to work and it was winter. My boss, the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lisa Las encouraged me to talk to Jeff Eberhard whom we both knew from all of his philanthropic works of wonder in our community. I said I would go but thought there is no way that this man or E-Z could help me—a social worker without a large salary, no credit and a ton of student loans, get a car. 

Just a short while later this social worker and her kiddo left with a reliable, affordable car to get to school, work and church and a heart full of wisdom and faith from an honest, humble man who treated me more like a daughter than a buyer. Since this time I have had many friends who have been helped by E-Z Auto and not just through buying cars but through generous donations to Guardian Angel Community Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Will County Children’s Advocacy Center, the Veteran’s Assistance Commission. It’s just a little used car lot but wow the people in it have HEART. Thank you for all that you have done for our community, Jeff & E-Z Auto."

Lorraine Guerrero-Neumayer- Social worker, Advocate, MSW, LSW

"I went through a dramatic break up that resulted in me losing my shared vehicle. I quickly found myself living with my best friend and restarting my life.  When her car broke down neither of us had a car and we both had jobs and errands on a weekly basis that required us to drive back and forth between Chicago and the suburbs. My roommate and I were two girls, with three dogs, one shared goal of making our lives better and zero savings. I went to E-Z Auto where I was able to buy an affordable PT Cruiser that allowed both me and my friend the ability to share the car and double the effectiveness of our businesses as well as the untold added improvements to our lives and peace of mind."  

Alicia Diamond- Photographer
Shaun Lewis - Stylist
Sid, Harper & Beans