Our Staff strives to serve every clients needs. 
We pride ourselves on our community impact and thank you for investing back into us.

I didn't want to work at a normal car lot, I thought that it wasn't me. Normally when you sell something you have to convince people that they need what you are selling but people need their cars and they come in here with respect for the service we provide and that's important. We are here for a reason. 16 years ago we stopped requiring credit checks,  We don't need to pull a credit report to find out someone is in a tough spot. And as far as interest rates go our highest is 12.9% even though most places like us start at 21%. The people who come in here make this place what it is, this place allows us to be active in our community and get involved directly with peoples lives. There is a mutual investment here where we invest in our clients and they invest in us. We have an impact because we can make a living without hurting the lives of those we serve



My favorite part of my job is coming here every day and helping people (and when I get a raise) but the fact that we can sell people cars when they need it and help them to get ahead is also great.


I am the muscle. I am the one who makes sure we get paid. I try to embody the fact that if someone owes us money we don't want to be aggressive, I want to figure out whats going on and find solutions. The best part of my job is working with my boss Jeff, he is 100% pure and thats about the best thing you could ask for in a boss. The only way you can do your job and do it well is get in where you fit in. 


There are a lot of good memories about working here for 20 years. The best part about my job is that I love what I do. We try to get better vehicles all the time so that we can help more people with their needs. Our clients know we are here to help and our reputation is known. We allow our clients to take cars to a mechanic they trust before they buy it.
We trust our clients without credit checks,  and they trust us too.  


The customers keep me going. I look forward to when people come in to make their payments and tell me how they are doing, some days I will come to work all mad and have my own things on my mind but a customer will come and be amazing and it'll put a smile on my face. Jeff has love for everybody, which makes us have love for everybody. We give people chances because we feel like they are good people who deserve to be able to go to and from work and they prove it. They prove that they are good people. I think that’s what makes us so different from typical car lots, we help a lot of people and it comes back to us.  

Marlon  (Stick)

I told Jeff once that it's weird how the moment I walked into EZ Auto, I felt comfortable and felt like I fit in, like I have a voice". We're different here because we work with you, even on the down payment, most dealerships will turn you away if you don't have the down payment in full but we will work with you, if you are honest with us.



                                              I love working at EZ because of all we do with the community and the opportunities we get to work with the honest hard working people of the Joliet community.                                                                            Mark



My name is Eddie but they call me Mijo feets. I have been here at EZ for a long time,  I consider it my second home. I love my job because I am acknowledged for my busy body cleaning skills. I like to make sure all of the cars are nice and shiny and ready to go for all of our customers.                                                                                                                                                                                Eddie